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Servicios dotcom

Desarrollo de software a medida, sitio web institucional, automatizacion de procesos, APIs, soluciones de Cloud computing ¿Que necesitas? En dotcom te tenemos cubierto.

Software development

Integral production and management system: we ensure quality, competitiveness and productivity.

Institutional website: we position image and brand in virtual media and available social networks.

Apps: we facilitate and optimize the development of tasks.

We use Agile methodologies with iterative and incremental process that evolves with business dynamics

Process automation

We reduce material and operational costs by replacing manual processes with software applications.
This optimizes process times while minimizing errors.

Big data and reports

We offer you a secure and reliable database, accompanied by a system capable of predicting in real time, segments and areas that are more likely to succeed to your present proposal, to minimize the stress that causes uncertainty during the process of taking of decisions.


nube dotcom

  • Access your company information from anywhere.
  • at any time and from any device
  • Maximum degree of security
  • Also 100% scalable, according to your needs.


The most useful mechanism to connect two systems or applications among themselves, with the objective of exchanging information such as:

  • Sell ​​with credit card via web
  • Notify your clients about the purchase made, debt notification, news, etc.
  • Provide information as a service to external systems

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We provide intelligent technology that ensures leadership in business management.

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